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Popular Construction Pathways for Learners

  • Make a business plan and avoid the 95% small business failure rate

  • Assessments and worksheets to set up your business for success

  • Work from your strengths

  • Hire out your weaknesses

Small Business Start-Up

  • Organize your calendar   for lower job costs

  • Control schedules for less time on the job

  • Manage trades for fewer callbacks

  • Earn 100% customer satisfaction

Project Management

  • Building a Better Home for yourself and family

  • Quality work that will last

  • Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction you get when you have done something well 

Do It Yourself

Why Construction?

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of graduates work full time in the industry

of graduates finished their training

of graduates

 work on their own homes

of graduates feel more prepared for their current career

Michael Osborne 

Owner MJ Real Estate Group

I've enjoyed my time learning at CTS. Jennifer and her son are great teachers and you can tell they have a passion for the industry. They strive to make sure we understand everything we can, in the short time they have with us, about being a general contractor and doing things the proper and correct way. They teach towards running a general contracting business with integrity and respect for the consumers. 

Victor Santamaria

Owner ASAP Granite

My name is Victor Santamaria I have a business as a fabricator for Countertops. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for CTS. The school has played a big factor in my life. More than teaching me how to be a better business owner she has showed there is more important things in life. Family and finding a purpose in life. She is is not my teacher she is family and a blessing in my life. Thanks Jennifer

 Myleah Selter

Owner MD Designs

I am an interior designer that wanted to learn the whole scope of construction. I took Project Managment (a MUST in my opinion), Shower Building, Interiors/Exteriors, and General Contracting. Construction Trade School not only gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to succeed, but also made it accessible for me to network with the best in our industry. I am now proud owner of MD Design Group and could not have done it without the amazing people at CTS.


*CTS is an enrichment tutoring and consulting program. CTS is not an accredited or licensed school with the State of Texas or any other regulating commission. Classroom tutoring is a volunteer trainer platform for the sole benefit of students who wish to learn faster than traditional teaching.  No grades are issued during tutoring.  CTS does not receive government funding, financial aid funding, FASFA, or VA funding.

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