CTS is an enrichment tutoring program and not an accredited or licensed school with the TWC or any other regulating commission. Classroom tutoring is a volunteer trainer platform for the sole benefit of students who wish to learn faster than traditional teaching.  No grades are issued during tutoring. 

March and April 2020
Intro to Trade Installations 1 and 2 
Coming back to CTS in class and online. 
Start Your Journey in General Contracting

Let the Construction Trade School walk beside you as you build your future in construction.  Take pride in your career with the freedom to use your unique style. We will teach you everything you need to be a General Contractor, like how to start a business, project management, how to install products, estimating, bidding, reading blueprints, permits, inspections, and everything else you need to own your future. 

Intro to Trade Installations 1 and 2 

March 2020 Intro to Trades Installations 1 Exteriors
April 2020 INtro to Trade Installations 2 Interiors

Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-9 pm

What you get: 

  • Step by step instructions, diagrams, links and samples so you can have confidence on every job site.

  • Run your job sites. Know what should be done and how to do it.  ​

  • Respect of customers and sub-contractors.

  • Confidence in your leadership.

  • Make more money with fewer errors in installations

Details and Fees
What to Expect in Class
Course Objectives

General Contractor  Online February 1, 2020

Stop Letting Your Jobs Run You

Start today with CTS
online training
What you get:
  • The confidence of over 2,000 training videos at your fingertips 

  • Know you're doing the job right with quickstep pdf's about product installations and links to product details 

  • Trades STEPS - The how-to for trade installation, help your trades achieve their best possible job. 

  • Pro Tips: use our experience to run a better, safer job site.  

  • Learn the steps to build a house from the ground up the right way 

The Construction Trade School offers hundreds of videos in all areas of residential construction and business start-up allowing you to be confident in the job from the beginning.


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