If starting a Business is not for you, CTS provides professional jobs at fantastic starting pay for graduates. Contact us for your page code to unlock the job descriptions. Choose any job positions you feel are best for you and give the contact person a call.  Be sure to say you heard about them from CTS.


You need good trades and contractors when you are getting started or growing. CTS works with some of the best and they can work for you too. Contact the office for your CTS preferred code from the office.


Nothing beats great customer service, professional field support and a deep discount on supplies. Contact the office for your CTS preferred code from the office.

The Construction Trade School (CTS) provides in-class group and online tutorial training for beginners in homebuilding.  The school started in 2015 as a project developed by Jennfier Johnson, a self taught Dallas contractor and woman owned small busienss owner. 


The goal of CTS is to train those with no experience in home building construction and management for a livable wage and move families off welfare.  

The school started as a non profit but changed to an LLC in August 2019.  CTS is not an accredited achool but a tutorial enrichment program for thos who wish to learn faster than traditional educaton. 


The residential constructoin industry lost over five million workers and contractors during the past 5 years and will loos another 5 million more due to retirement.  


The residential remodeling market grosses of 3.5 trillion dollars a year in product, labor and management sales.


CTS trains students in small busienss start up, project management and trade installaions. To  demographic of the school is 95% minority.  

Students of Hispanic origin make up 60% of those trained, Black 30% and 10% Other. The construction industry currently hosts 3% women in the field.  CTS averages 35% women in their training. 


CTS holds group sessions at a leased facility in Carrollton TX using shared office space with other contractors, architects and designers in construction. The school hosts up to 140 volunteers a year who come to speak and mentor students in a chosed field.  The school has a 98% graduaton rate and a 96% job placement rate with graduates working full time in the industry with the average pay of $25 an hour to start with no experience. 


Most graduates start their own business.  


The school has two full time  employees and one part time employee.  It is a family run business so it heavily affects the household income. 


The school planned to move the program online as a nation wide program beginning in August 2020 and building through the next year.  With the current health situation, CTS was forced to go online immediately and cancel the May - August session creating a 4 month loss of income. 


There are currently over 2,000 training videos available online and the school is working for a May live stream class and June online hard launch of the training materials. The funds will cover payroll and marketing expenses.  CTS produces thier own videos and all work is done in house supporting the school.


There is a desperate need for constructon workers in America and no other training system like the one The Construction Trade school offers.  Thak you for considering CTS in the grant process. We would love to continue moving forward with our training and high success rates to affect the economy,  individuals and thier families. 

*CTS is an enrichment tutoring and consulting program. CTS is not an accredited or licensed school with the State of Texas or any other regulating commission. Classroom tutoring is a volunteer trainer platform for the sole benefit of students who wish to learn faster than traditional teaching.  No grades are issued during tutoring.  CTS does not receive government funding, financial aid funding, FASFA, or VA funding.

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